Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I get on the agenda for the next ANC meeting?
Residents may be heard at an ANC meeting in one of two ways. First, you may always speak about an issue of importance to you during the Community Concerns portion of the agenda. Second, for issues that require advance review by the ANC or involve official D.C. agencies (such as the Board of Zoning Adjustments or the Department of Transportation), get in touch with the commissioner for your SMD as far in advance of the meeting as possible..
Q2. How can I resolve an issue with university students?
D.C. is the proud home to many prestigious institutions of higher learning. While most university students are well behaved and an asset to the community, we know that from time to time some may exhibit poor judgement and their behavior may be cause for concern. For information on how to address these concerns, please click here.
Q3. I have a question not addressed here.
For questions not answered here, please contact your Single-Member District Commissioner or the ANC 3D Administrator at