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Next Meeting

March 6, 2024

Regular Monthly Meeting



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Metropolitan Police Report 

Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services 

Ward 3 Councilmember Matthew Frumin’s Office 

District Department of Transportation (DDOT) 

Community Concerns

Commissioner Updates

Official Business

  • 5009 Weaver Terrace BZA application (Commissioner Duncan) 

  • Marine Corp Marathon Route (Commissioner Duncan) 

  • TCC Holiday Hours extension (Commissioner Horn) 

  • BZA application #21095 3210 45th Street (Commissioner Elkins) 

  • ANC3D reaction to Wesley Seminary Zoning Commission Submission (Potential Letter)

  • DDOT NOI: Reduce speed on Nebraska Ave. From 30 to 25 from Macomb Street to Military Road (Commissioner Elkins) 

  • 49th and Van Ness PSC curb cuts (Commissioner Colon Roosevelt) 

  • Green Theory cannabis retailer (Commissioner Horn) 

  • Letter to CM Frumin re Harrington Hotel and Affordable housing (Commissioner Elkins) 

  • GW Campus Plan Modification of Consequence

  • Letter to DDOT re criteria for new sidewalk priorities 


Commission Business

  • Engaging a new contractor to be the ANC3D Administrator (Catherine Blakley)

  • Approval of contract and expenditure re training of new Administrator

  • Approval of DOB and BZA Testimony on 5122 Cathedral Ave

  • ANC3D Comments on the Draft Strategy for the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (Commissioner Elkins)

  • Approval of Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Notice of Next Month's Meeting–April3, 2024

  • Meeting Adjournment

Last Meeting
View the 2023 Meeting Calendar here.





  • GW Campus Plan

  • Dr. Ove I. Owolewa, US Representative of Washington, DC


Official Business

Commission Business


3 pm February 15th


How to attend:  See calendar above at the top



  • Official Business

    • ANC is looking to hire a new administrator. If you are interested please email

Community Participation


     We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings.  Every Commission meeting has a segment when you may raise a community concern with or without giving advance notice. 

At any time, if you have a community comment, complaint, concern, or an issue to bring before our Commission, please contact us at or contact your Single Member District Commissioner.

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