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The former

Dalecarlia Committee

(The Committee is no longer functioning.)

In 2019 ANC 3D established a special  Committee made up of both Commissioners and a representative set of neighbors to work with the District's Department  of Transportation (DDOT) on issues relating to Dalecarlia Parkway.  DDOT agreed to work closely with the Committee. The purpose of the  Committee was to assist ANC3D in obtaining data and information from DDOT that would enable ANC3D, in consultation with the larger community, to take an informed position with regard to any DDOT proposal.
When the work of the Committee was completed, ANC3D disbanded the Committee, but formed a Transportation Committee to deal with transportation issues across the entire ANC3D District.  See the Transportation Committee webpages on this website for further information.

Information about the Committee

Charge and Procedures
Materials produced by or for the Committee
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