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The Dalecarlia Committee's Charge and Procedures


(Adopted October 2, 2019)



ANC 3D is establishing a special  Committee to follow through on the commitment it made in its letter to DDOT on September 4, 2019, to appoint a  Committee made up of both Commissioners and neighborhood representatives to work with DDOT on issues relating to Dalecarlia Parkway.  DDOT has agreed to work closely with the Committee.  ANC3D has not taken a position on whether or not any changes should be made to Dalecarlia Parkway.  The purpose of the  Committee is to assist ANC3D to obtain data and information that will enable ANC3D, in consultation with the larger community, to take an informed position with regard to any DDOT proposal.


The Committee’s Charge

The Committee shall provide analysis and advice to the ANC3D Commission (“Commission”) related to matters concerning potential transportation-related changes to the Dalecarlia Parkway.  This analysis and advice may include but not be limited to:

1) Recommendations that ANC3D might make to the District’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) regarding the scope of baseline data that DDOT should collect in order to assess existing and potential future conditions on the Parkway and in surrounding neighborhoods, potential needs for bicycle and pedestrian use, and options that DDOT should analyze.  These recommendations should include the specification of potentially vulnerable neighborhoods/communities identified by the  Committee.

2) Analysis of any baseline data and assessment that DDOT subsequently collects and performs.

3) Advice with regard to what any baseline data suggest regarding any future pilot or other study that DDOT might conduct to assess the feasibility/desirability of implementing any of the options.

4) If DDOT contemplates conducting a pilot project, advice that ANC3D might convey to DDOT regarding the design and implementation of such a pilot project safely and with collection of sufficient data to assess all of the significant impacts of a permanent change to Dalecarlia Parkway.

5) If a pilot project is conducted, analysis of the resulting data and DDOT assessment and the implications for a permanent change to Dalecarlia Parkway for the parkway and the surrounding neighborhoods.

6) Advice regarding fuller engagement of the community as a whole at various stages of this process in the assessment of the data and its implications for any future changes to Dalecarlia Parkway and the surrounding neighborhoods.

7) Any further advice to the Commission that the Committee wishes to make regarding Dalecarlia Parkway.




So that members of the community can understand how the  Committee will go about its work and how they may participate in the process, the Commission directs the Committee to adopt the following procedures.  The Committee is authorized to adopt additional procedures to conduct its business that are consistent with the procedures laid out here.

  1. In accordance with ANC3D bylaws, Committees are not authorized to make decisions for the Commission.Instead, the Committees is to make recommendations and send reports to the full Commission for consideration.

  2. All Committee meetings are required by statute to be noticed and open to the public. The Committee will meet at the call of the chairs with at least 7 days’ notice on local list servs and ANC3D website.

  3. The focus of the discussion within the Committee will be among the Committee members. However, the chairs will allow, at each meeting, a short period of time for any members of the audience to make a suggestion or comment.

  4. The Committee may invite representatives of DDOT to attend Committee meetings, make direct requests to DDOT for information and otherwise discuss issues within its scope directly with DDOT (recognizing that it does not speak for the Commission).

  5. Members of the public may submit written comments to the Committee, in a method to be specified, and the Chair will ensure that these comments are made available to all the Committee members.

  6. The Committee will attempt to reach its conclusions and recommendations by consensus, if possible.

  7. The Committee will provide the Commission with appropriate oral and/or written updates at the Commission’s meetings and the Commission will provide guidance as it sees fit.

  8. Any ANC3D Commissioner may attend and participate in the Committee’s meetings, in accordance with the Commission’s bylaws.

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