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Foxhall Community Citizens Association (FCCA)

  1. Who may join:  Any 18+ year old resident within the FCCA geographic boundaries

  2. Boundaries:  Area bounded by Glover-Archbold Park on the east and north, ending at Whitehaven Parkway and west from Whitehaven Parkway to Canal Road returning east to Glover-Archbold Park.  (Residents of East Palisades, Canal View, Colony Hill, Senate Heights, Dumbarton, Foxhall Village, Charleston Terrace, Indian Rock Terrace, and Georgetown Reservoir.)

  3. How does one join:  By “buying” a membership on the FCCA website. There is a fee.

  4. Approximate number of members:  200

  5. Frequency of Meetings:  At least four times a year.

  6. Bylaws:

  7. Website:

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