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Wesley Heights Special Zoning Requirements (Zoning Overlay)

There are special regulations for Wesley Heights that limit the development that can take place in the neighborhood and how and if one can expand one's residence. This was adopted by the District of Columbia Zoning Commission on July 13, 1992 at the urging of the Wesley Heights Historical Society which saw the regulation as a way of maintaining the beauty and character of our neighborhood.

If you are thinking of changing the footprint of your house, you will want to read these carefully and bring them to the attention of your builder and architect. Many builders and architects may not know about these special regulations for our neighborhood that are enforced by the City.

In 2016 the Wesley Heights Overlay was incorporated into Subtitle D  as Chapter 8 and is now referred to as the Wesley Heights Zone.

Here you will find four documents of interest:

Wesley Heights overlay explanation written by the Historical Society

Wesley heights overlay regulation as adopted by the Zoning Commission

Wesley Heights Zone (overlay) in 2016 Zoning Regulations.

Letter from DCRA Director Bolling clarifying how front yard setbacks are to be measured under the Overlay:  Wesley Heights Overlay Zone letter from Director Bolling DCRA July 2 2018

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