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Westover Place Homes Corporation


1. Who may join: The Westover Place Homes Corporation (WPHC) is a private non-stock, non-profit corporation organized and existing under the District of Columbia Non-profit Corporation Act. WPHC is a residential community composed of 149 townhouses. Every person or entity who is an owner of record is automatically a member of WPHC. The members are represented by an elected 5-person Board of Directors who meet monthly to manage the affairs of WPHC and to safeguard and advance the interests of the members (the homeowners). 

2. Boundaries: Westover Place is situated adjacent to and southwest of Massachusetts Avenue; adjacent to and northeast of New Mexico Avenue; and southeasterly from but not adjacent to Nebraska Avenue. Westover Place is situated within Wesley Heights.

3. How does one join: Membership in Westover Place and the WPHC is conferred automatically through ownership of a townhouse situated within the community. Individuals who are not owners of a townhouse may not be members of WPHC. For example, tenants living in a Westover townhouse are not members of WPHC.

4. Approximately how many members: There are 149 townhouses. Some townhouses have multiple owners. Membership is around 220 individuals.

5. Frequency of membership meetings: There is a required annual meeting which all WPHC members can attend. Other meetings for members are held from time to time to gauge their opinion on important issues. In addition, the Board conducts electronic surveys of the members’ views from time to time. The WPHC Board meets monthly. The minutes of the Board’s meetings are published on the Westover Place website within two weeks of the meeting.

6. Bylaws

7. Website  The Westover Place website is a private, members-only website. All owners and tenants in Westover Place have access to the website. Individuals who are not owners or tenants do not have access to the website. The website is   

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