Membership of the Transportation Committee

Co-Chairs:  Chuck Elkins (ANC)

                    Derry Allen (Spring Valley)

Members (by neighborhood/Affiliation):

First Name                                 Last Name                 Neighborhood

Lisa                                              Adams                        Spring Valley

Derry                                            Allen  (Co-Chair)        Spring Valley

Hattie                                           Babbitt                        Kent

Mark                                             Blumenthal                Palisades

Fritz                                              Chockley                    Spring Valley

Julie                                              Cooke                         Palisades

William                                         Dickenson                  Spring Valley

Marcio                                          Duffles                        Palisades

Chuck                                           Elkins                          Wesley Heights

Helen                                            Feinbloom                  New Mexico Corridor

Andrew                                        Heimert                       Wesley Heights

Andrew                                         Beath                          Palisades

Mark                                             Maves                          Kent

Chip                                              Nottingham                 Spring Valley

George                                         Tsibouris                      Spring Valley

Christine                                      Warnke                        New Mexico Corridor

Jack                                                     Wells                                 Palisades

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