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Meet your new Commissioner Jeremy Del Moral

Filling the formerly vacant seat ANC 3D10 is new Commissioner Jeremy Del Moral.

Jeremy Del Moral - 3D10

Originally from California, Jeremy moved to Washington, DC in 2003 and settled down at the Greenbriar Condominium in 2010. Jeremy now considers DC home and actively participates in the community. Jeremy holds a master’s degree in business administration from Georgetown University. In his professional career Jeremy is a senior risk officer with a background in investment analysis, management and trading, and more recently, bank risk management, portfolio management, and policy development. He focuses on the safety and soundness of the banks he oversees. As commissioner of 3D10 he represents the residents within the neighborhood boundary of Macomb St., Massachusetts Ave, Nebraska Ave and Van Ness St., including American University’s Katzen Art Center and the National Presbyterian Church.

Jeremy’s issues of importance include enhancing the community relationship with American University, including maintaining open dialog about students living in the neighborhood. Jeremy seeks to bring awareness to existing safety issues as it relates to transportation, specifically those linked to last mile transportation (e.g. bicycle, scooter and skateboards), and explore ways increase safety for all commuters. In addition to serving as the Commissioner of 3D10, Jeremy is the treasurer of the Greenbriar Condominium board.

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